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Freedom Session

Freedom Session

...because emotional health is the foundation for spiritual maturity.

South Abbotsford Church is offering Freedom Session in partnership with Clearbrook Mennonite Brethren Church for the 2022-2023 season.  

We will be offering in-person Freedom Session at Clearbrook MB Church and possibly online Freedom Session via Zoom.  

We will be meeting on Thursday evenings, beginning September 22, 2022 @ 6:30pm

Registration is closed for the 2022/2023 year.


The Fees: 

  • $100 registration fee (Can be paid by e-transfer to please clearly mention in the comments box: FS registration for {your name}
  • $100 for a 4 book set or individual books at $30 each (x4)

(There is financial support available to make it possible for everyone to attend FS)

If you want more information about Freedom Session, please email

What is Freedom Session?

facing the truth  |  finding freedom  |  authentic living

Freedom Session helps people write out their story with a God-inspired ending. Freedom Session is a 21-week journey leading us to face the truth about ourselves, our lives and the destructive relational patterns we use to protect our hearts. We learn to step out of denial and face realityNext, we ask God to reveal the pain in our hearts and false beliefs that fuel our behaviors of escape, invite Him into these areas and ask Him to redeem all that was lost. It’s not the pain in our past that holds us in bondage today but our interpretation of the events.  With the support of others walking the same journey, we take the practical steps necessary to break free and find lasting healing. Shame loses its grip and we are ready to embrace the life God intended for us. 

In Authentic Living (which we will run at a later date) we will discover how to hear from God daily, craft an authentic life plan, resolve conflict and set healthy boundaries.  FS is a basic discipleship tool for any church seeking to impact their culture for Jesus.

What Makes FS Unique:

  • it is uncompromisingly biblical and relies on the healing power of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • it has created its own 12 step process that accurately reflects the message of Jesus. Our goal is not recovery, but emotional and relational healing.
  • it is for everyone and deals with the issues people are struggling with. It uncovers the deeper heart issues that cause people to seek escape through pornography, TV, food, performance, fantasy, people pleasing, isolation, or alcohol/drugs.
  • it brings hope into depression, past failures, and sexual wounds through abuse or promiscuity. Churches don’t need separate programs for every area of hurt, wound or addictions.
  • it uses video teaching as well as small group format.  Detailed participant guides include outlines for small group discussion and weekly step work assignments.
  • it is transferable and has proven effective across denominational lines. Christ’s intent is for all to walk in freedom and healing.

Contact us

Please click here to email us or phone our office at 604-853-2663 and ask for Pastor Connie if you have any questions.