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Children's Ministry Volunteer

There are lots of opportunities for you to connect with our Children & Family Ministry! Here are some ways you can be involved. Please email Pastor Jeremia if you have questions or are interested in volunteering.

KidsQuest (Sunday)

  • Kids welcome desk: Engage new families as they arrive on a Sunday morning. Help parents and kids feel welcome and comfortable as they check their kids in for KidsQuest.
  • Small group leader: Lead a small group of boys or girls in a certain age category, providing oversight during large group, and then lead them through teaching and activity in your small group classroom.
  • Large group leader: Lead our group of grade 1-5's by teaching the Bible story through videos and group activities. Their main goal is to provide an opportunity for kids to learn God's word and interact in a larger group setting.
  • Weekly prep team: Prepare the supplies for our small group classes during the week. This before-hand prep greatly supports our small group teachers and allows our kids to experience a variety of faith-building activities.
  • Worship leader: Lead our kids in worship (3-5 year olds or grade 1-5's)  and help raise up a new generation of worship leaders! We encourage our kids to get involved with leading worship as well and want to provide opportunities for them to use their gifts to serve Jesus and their church family.
  • Prayer Partners for our kids or leaders: Sign up to be paired with one of our kids who would like to pray for you and be prayed for too!  Build a relationship with each other by writing notes and prayer requests to each other. Be prepared to be blessed by this new friend! 
  • Nursery: Spend time caring for our babies and toddlers on Sunday morning. This is a blessing both for our parents and the children who come to know us well.  We value the power of prayer and pray as we play with our youngest members.  

Clubs (Wednesday)

  • Small Group Leaders: This leader co-leads a group of children with the aim of building into the lives of their small group. A small group leader directs their group of children as they rotate through different elements of an evening. Each element is led by our program team, allowing small group leaders to enjoy the activities with their kids and intentionally look for ways to build into them.
  • Program team: This is an area that helps facilitate the relationship between a child and their small group friends and the small group leader.  We have a variety of areas that an individual can help in, such as the wood shop, games, set up, crafts, and kitchen craft.
  • Bible Teacher: The primary role is to help teach our Bible lesson to a couple of groups at a time. The curriculum is provided to help the teachers feel comfortable and successful.  This is a great place to help our children understand the beautiful truths of Jesus that we hold so deeply.
  • Worship Team: We enjoy singing, dancing, and learning other ways to express and experience our great big God. Individuals interested in helping would be free to do things out of the box.  We love experimenting with different mediums and methods as we fall more in love with Jesus.

You will also need to read and sign the Safe Place document, and for all Children and Family Ministries, sign the covenant.