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Earl & Rhonda Fast

Earl and Rhonda Fast

While it wasn’t our plan to dive into full-time mission work, as the Lord is in the habit of doing, He takes our very ordinary plans and changes them into things even greater than we could ever have imagined.

We work on the ground in Primo Tapia, Mexico, in partnership with the local church, La Hermosa, to spread the hope of Jesus to an impoverished and underdeveloped town. Casa de Luz works to keep families together by resourcing single-parent families to be able to keep and raise their children.

To put it simply, we are feeding hungry tummies, giving stability to families who have only known trauma, offering safety from abuse, neglect, and harm, and doing it all for the sake of the gospel — that the families we work with would know the hope and restoration found in Jesus.

Our specific roles involve communication, visual media and design, sponsorship development, and donor care. We also host short-term teams on the base where we live and, as we like to say, “other jobs as required.”

It is our privilege to follow where God has called, to be a part of furthering His kingdom in Mexico is an absolute joy, and we are so glad to link arms with those of you who encourage, pray for, and support us. We are incredibly grateful.


Casa de Luz website - casadeluzmexico.com
Support Earl and Rhonda - https://give.casadeluzmexico.com/support/earl-and-rhonda

Update from Earl and Rhonda

Please check out the following video for an update from Earl and Rhonda Fast: