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Joe  Karlena Wieler and Family


We’re the Wielers! Joe, Karlena, and our 4 children. We have some exciting (nerve-wracking?!) news – we will be moving to Primo Tapia, Mexico to serve with CDL Ministries in the Spring of 2024! Joe has been hired for the role of Construction Site Manager for Casa de Luz where he will be using his 20+ years of experience as an electrician, carpenter, and site supervisor to work and serve alongside the local construction crew. 

This past summer, Earl and Rhonda Fast shared about their ministry with CDL at our home church. It was during this talk that both of us heard God’s call that this could be us very soon! By day’s end, we learned that CDL was looking for a Construction Site Manager, and a few days later we met with Earl and Rhonda to find out more. They gave words to what we had been feeling as of late. They used the term “holy discontent” to describe the feeling and desire to do more for God’s kingdom when you’re not sure how, what to do, or where. 

After a trip to Primo Tapia, we were inspired by all the work happening at CDL ministries and with their local partner church La Hermosa and we knew we had our answer. Our family has decided to answer God’s call for us to move to Mexico and serve the beautiful people of Primo Tapia. Joe, with his multi-faceted construction and project management skills (there might also be some opportunities to use his poultry farming experience as well), and Karlena and the kids by plugging into various ministry opportunities as they arise at CDL’s Children’s Center, Youth Mentorship Program and discipleship groups. 

Thank you for supporting us and participating in the Kingdom work that we will be a part of.  

We appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and financial partnership.


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