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Casa de Luz

South Abbotsford is a partner church with Casa de Luz Ministries in Primo Tapia, Mexico. CDL works with impoverished single-parent families who live in desperate situations where even feeding their children each day is a struggle. 

CDL comes alongside single moms and their children to offer safety, food, clean water, teachers, and mentors. They help to find stable employment and offer paths to education for the children and their mothers. They create access to an entirely new way of life for the most vulnerable families in the community.

You can click here to watch the CDL Tiny House Project story from 2021.

If you want to discover how you can engage in this partnership with CDL Ministries, click here, and a team member will be glad to get back to you.

Casa de Luz Missionaries

Earl & Rhonda Fast

Joe & Karlena Wieler

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