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  • August 25, 2021: In the recent public health orders about wearing masks, churches continue to be exempt. While masks will not be required for attendance at our weekend worship services, we do recommend their use (age 12 and up) given the current rise in case counts.
  • Registration is not needed
  • No capacity limits or restrictions on religious gatherings and worship service.
  • Singing is permitted
  • We will have a sticker system to help indicate your level of comfort of contact with others. Stickers will be available outside the doors on Sunday morning. You choose the sticker that matches your level of comfort, stick it on your top, and take note of those around you as you greet.

    RED: Greet with a wave
    YELLOW: Greet with a fist bump or elbow bump
    GREEN: Greet with a handshake or hug

Q & A's:

Q: I wonder how full it will be and if spacing will work for those who want to come but not sit close?
A: Unfortunately, we won't be able to monitor this. We recognize this wide of an opening can feel quite uncomfortable for some people, so the options we would suggest would be to join via live stream at 10am, or to come and see how it looks/feels for your level of comfort on Sunday. If you come and determine it's more than you're ready for, there's no judgment if you feel you want to leave. There may be a corner that's open and provides enough space for you to comfortably attend. We won't know until the morning gets underway, however.

Q: I'm confused on how there are no restrictions now yet on the government website it says indoor gatherings of 50 people or 50% capacity.
A: There is a specific note under Organized Gatherings that states, "No capacity limits or restrictions on religious gatherings and worship services."

Q: Is KidsQuest on or will kids be staying with parents during the service?
A: Kids will join their parents in the worship center at the start of the service and will be dismissed partway through (age 4 through grade 5).  Please pick up your kids from room 115 immediately following the service. Our nursery is once again open and available for children 3 and under. 

Any tips for letting people know you don't want to handshake or hug?
A: As noted above, we've got stickers to help indicate your comfort level to those around you!

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