Ministries South Abbotsford Punjabi Church - Campus

South Abbotsford Punjabi Church

In 1980, David & Stella Manuel began the Indo-Canadian Ministry through South Abbotsford Church, and the ministry continues today. Now called the South Abbotsford Punjabi Church, this ministry meets Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM in the Chapel at South Abbotsford Church.

This service consists of singing and preaching in the Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu languages.

English-speaking people are welcome to join the 10 AM worship service upstairs at South Abbotsford Church.

Do you have Punjabi-speaking people in your life? This is a great place to invite them to hear about Jesus and worship in a community that is culturally familiar.

For any questions, please contact Pastor Ashish at 778-512-3094 or Lahkvir Bansi at 778-549-6478.