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Community Christmas Banquet

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We are grateful to be partnering with MCC, Archway Community Services, and Salvation Army on Friday, December 2 at 5:00 PM, to provide a full turkey dinner to families/individuals in need, as well as toiletries kits and a variety of family-friendly activities. This event will be held on-site at South Abbotsford Church this year.

We have several ways for people to get involved in the Community Christmas Banquet this year at South Abbotsford Church. From food prep, to set up, to serving and interacting with guests, we'd love to have you participate!

Toiletries kits are another key way for everyone to get involved!

We are planning food for our guests, and we also want to hand out 200 toiletries kits! We want to make sure we’re creating a balanced experience for the guests, so we are asking that all the kits be fully assembled and as close to the sample kit as possible.

You can make a kit as a household, or if the cost of a kit is more than you're able to manage, why not get another household to join you and together create a kit? Or as a Life Group/Church at Home group, have everyone pitch in a dollar amount they can afford, and then create the number of kits that contribution will make? There are lots of options, and it's a great, practical way to express love and care to these guests!

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Our aim is to create 100 gender-neutral kits that are as scent-free as possible, and with quality brands because our guests deserve them! If you're unable to find these specific items, please simply choose an alternative item that is the same size, is a good brand name, and is as unscented as possible.

Kit drop-off deadline is Sunday, November 27th at noon at the church. Kits can be dropped off during regular office hours, or before/after service on November 27.

SAMPLE - These items were purchased at Superstore Abbotsford; the total cost for the kit was around $50. Items are listed individually below, including size.

If you want to participate but are unable to do the shopping for any reason, a financial donation is welcome, allowing our shopping volunteers to put kits together. Donation to the Toiletries Kits is not available online. Please donate by e-transfer, debit/credit, cheque or cash, and indicate "Community Christmas Banquet" with your giving.

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  • Crest cavity protection toothpaste – 100 ml              $2.00 

  • Oral B Toothbrush – soft            $1.50

  • Live Clean Shampoo – 350 ml            $4.25

  • Live Clean Condition – 350 ml            $4.25

  • Live Clean Lotion – 500 ml             $4.75

  • Cushion hair brush            $2.00

  • Equate Nail clipper (from Walmart) or at Superstore for         3.49    or   $0.98

  •  Speed Stick Antiperspirant (mens & ladies)               $2.49

  • Nivea Lip Balm – twin pack              $3.00

  • Gillette Shave Gel / Gillette Satin Care            $3.50

  •  Mens Bic Razor / Ladies Bic Soleil Razor – 3 pack             $4.00

  • Gum – dental floss 2 pack          $1.50

  • Dove Soap – 3 pack – 75 g ea           $3.00                            


    Sub-total $37.22                

 If you have any questions or need any kit ideas please, please email Meagan Nelson