About Sunergo Connect

Sunergo Connect

If you have a Sunergo Connect account, please click the button below to logon and sign up for an event (such as viewing our worship service video on campus on Sunday morning). Instructions for how to register for an event (on your computer or phone) can be found by clicking HERE.


Introducing Sunergo Connect!  

Sunergo Connect is an online tool that will help us in regard to our ministry engagement.  Essentially Sunergo Connect is a way for you to access your profile in our church database, allowing you to register for, and sign in to, upcoming ministry events.  

Additionally, Sunergo Connect gives you the ability to directly update information in our database such as your personal contact details, which helps us make sure we’re up to date. It gives you the ability to view your giving history and manage your credit card information for online giving.

To sign up for your Connect account, all you need to do is provide your name, email address, and phone number in the form below, and we will send you your login credentials. While you can see your family unit information all in one spot and register your family for events, login is specific to the person and each adult in the family would need a personal email and separate login. Once you have those credentials and log in, you will be able to see, and register for, upcoming ministry events.  

Should you have any questions about Sunergo Connect, feel free to click here to contact the office.

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