Missions IECM

Indo Evangelism & Communication Ministry

Pastor David Manuel, together with others that help in this ministry, develop and produce tapes, videos and DVD's in the Hindustani/Urdu languages.

God has given David the ability to understand how to reach Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims, teaching them the basic information needed to bring them to a decision for Christ.

 What Is Happening

Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ on a weekly radio program across North America & in Fiji. Producing resource material on videos & DVD's for evangelism among friends of other faiths in Canada & abroad. Leadership training sessions are developing Indo-Canadian pastors from all over the valley to prepare for ministry.

Praise the Lord and pray for Pastor David's television program being aired in BC (on JoyTV and VisionTV), Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Ottawa & Montreal. Television programs are now available online anytime.

To watch his TV show online please CLICK HERE.


JOY TV BC (Channel 10)

Saturday's @ 8:00 am

VISION TV          

  • Pacific (BC, Yukon)                       Sat @ 5:30am                                    
  • Mountain (Calgary)                     Sat @ 6:30am                    
  • Central (Sask, Man.)                   Sat @ 7:30am                                    
  • Eastern (ON, Que)                       Sat @ 8:30am                                    
  • Atlantic (NB, NS, PEI)                  Sat @ 9:30am
  • Newfoundland                             Sat @ 9:00am

VELUGA TV (Network in Hyderabad India)

  •   7:30 am & pm Monday to Saturday
  •   8:00 am & pm Sunday

PAIGAM TV Canada, India, Pakistan, USA

RIM JIM Radio and dial 1200 coast to coast in Canada
SPICE Radio in Calgary
NANDI Radio in the Fiji Islands
VELUGU’S satellite radio, in India, USA etc.