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Time to Laugh Comedy Night

A Time To Laugh (Comedy Night)

A Time to Laugh - Comedy Night 

May 28 | 7 PM | Ages 12+

How did Joesph make his coffee?.......................Hebrewed it!

With all that's going on around us in our world, it's time to get together and laugh (it's biblical you know). Join us on May 28th for our 'Time to Laugh' Comedy Night! We promise the jokes will be better than the previous one. Invite your friends and let's unify around laughter as we engage with the hilarious comedic stylings of Matt Falk.

Tickets go on sale April 24th for the early bird price of $15 and will be open to family and friends of South Abbotsford Church. Act fast though, on May 8th tickets will go up to $20 each and we will be opening the invitation to other churches. A concession will also be available before and after intermission.

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