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Lament Night

Lament Night

On Sunday evening, November 17th, we will be hosting an evening of lament as we will be near the end of our SHATTERED sermon series. 

From 6-8pm we will be offering an opportunity to participate in a “Stations of Lament” experience.  This self-guided, interactive journey will invite you to consider areas in which you feel shattered or broken in life, viewing them through the lens of the book of Lamentations.  From 8-9pm will be a contemporary musical worship experience in the worship center, with a focus on lament. We welcome you to take in one, or both, of these experiences as a way of bringing your brokenness before Jesus in an intentional way.

Whether your season of being shattered was a part of your past and you have not allowed yourself to (fully) grieve, or you are in the middle of feeling like everything is crashing around you, we encourage you to come and participate in this evening.

Please note: this event is not geared towards children. It will be reflective and will likely require your full attention/participation.