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Worship Gathering Update

Dear Church Family,

As many of you have already heard, the province has recently brought new public health orders into effect that apply to worship services.  This includes making the wearing of masks mandatory in that setting, as well as limiting capacity to 50%.

We recognize that some of you will welcome this change as it may help you feel more comfortable worshipping with us in person.  We also acknowledge that others will be disappointed by the new orders, and we sympathize with you in that.  However, given the clarity of the order, and the context in which it’s been given, we will be adhering to those requirements.  

That means that starting this Sunday masks must be worn for the duration of our time together on campus.  This order covers everyone ages 5 and up. Please note that the order allows for us to remove masks to participate in communion, which we will be doing this weekend.  

Additionally, we will be monitoring our attendance more closely to see if any steps need to be taken to limit capacity.  To date our attendance has been just below the 50% capacity threshold.  Given this reality, for now we will continue to make our services accessible without any need for you to indicate your attendance in advance.  Should we find ourselves in a position where the 50% capacity limitation becomes a factor for us, there are steps we will take to both ensure compliance, and make Sunday services accessible to all who wish to attend, to the best of our ability.

If, given these changes, you would prefer to engage in our worship services virtually, a reminder that you can find our weekly live stream by visiting

Thank you for your patience and grace as we continue to navigate this challenging season in our world. 

Pastor Matt



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