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COVID-19 Restrictions Update

As you may be aware, in her update today, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced the closure of all indoor and outdoor activities.  That order includes church gatherings.  While we are saddened by the need to once again further restrict our ability to be together, we are convinced that it is right for us to heed that call, both for the sake of our witness and for the sake of the safety of our church members and those in our community.  

Effective immediately all our in-person ministries need to be put on pause.  (There appears to be some allowance for our Freedom Session ministry to continue in person in some manner, and we will be evaluating what the best course of action is in the coming days).  Where possible we will continue to find ways to connect and engage in ministry by way of various technology platforms available to us.  

As we have throughout the pandemic, we will continue to provide weekly service videos.  Given that portions of our service videos are shot in advance of the week they are released, you may still note references to Church at Home groups.  We want to make you aware of that so that you don’t mistake those references for an expectation that Church at Home groups are still meeting in person; they are simply a function of our production schedule.  We would, however, encourage Church at Home groups and Life Groups to continue to meet as you are able online, and we hope the questions asked in the teaching portion of the video can still be a resource to you in that way.

We will continue to monitor the guidance given by our provincial authorities and update you with regard to other changes that may impact us as we move forward.

Please continue to make this pandemic a point of prayer.  While not all of us are impacted in the same way, the reality is that many in our church family, and in our community, are significantly affected in a variety of ways; socioeconomically, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As you become aware of those who are suffering in these ways, please consider creative ways in which you can reach out and help.  Even something as simple as a phone call can be meaningful for a person who is struggling.

And please note that our church office is operating and our staff continues to diligently engage in ministry as best they can during this time.  If you become aware of needs that the church can respond to, or you find yourself in a place of need, do not hesitate to reach out.  If, for some reason, you need to come to the church campus during office hours, please contact us ahead of your arrival.  Please note that we will require you to wear a mask on campus and we will ask screening questions before you enter the facility.  We appreciate your assistance as we try to follow our COVID protocols. 

In these profoundly uncertain times, may the presence of Jesus, who is always with you, give you a settled spirit.  In the midst of these circumstances, may the peace that He came to bring, which is at the heart of our Christmas celebrations, be with you to overflowing.     


Pastor Matt

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