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Volunteer Opportunities

We have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved in our church body, from teaching in Children's Ministry, to participating in a cook day for women in difficult circumstances. 

Click the ministry area below to see the various opportunities within that area, or to contact the ministry coordinator to find out more.


All of our volunteer positions that may involve working with minors or vulnerable adults require a criminal record check to be completed. This is at no cost to you and takes very little time to complete. Please email the office for the necessary document, or to determine if your criminal record check needs to be renewed. We require that checks be re-done every five years, as per the BC Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General.

You will also need to read and sign the Safe Place document, and for all Children and Family Ministries, sign the covenant.

If you're unsure about what area you might be interested or gifted in serving, we welcome you contacting one of our pastors, or filling out our Contact Form so that we can help you find a place to get involved.

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