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Life Group Leadership

To live as Christ-followers we have no real chance to thrive without living in close community with fellow-pilgrims.  We need each other.  At SAC we call this experience a “Life Group.”  We thrive best when someone steps up and leads.

Before you assume that leadership means you have to do everything:

  • Leadership is a God-given capacity (spiritual giftedness, natural abilities, passion and acquired skills) to influence others so that they can experience transformation.
  • Leading a Life Group is a relational experience.
    • S/he facilitates a group to discover their God-given potential so that they grow personally.
    • Each of these individuals then makes their unique contribution(s) to the group itself, to the church, to the community and to the kingdom of God.

Expect to get lots of resources, encouragement, and support from the pastor in charge of Life Groups.

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