Ministries Discipleship
IF:Gathering 2021


Women! We are so excited to be hosting a live-stream event of IF:Gathering 2021!

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We will be condensing the event into a one day conference on Saturday, March 6th, running from 9am - 5:30pm.  


  • With restrictions changing frequently, we are holding our plans loosely. If the current restrictions remain in place (as of Jan 13, 2021), we will run this event completely virtually. We would connect on Zoom, and then our host location will share the screen to watch sessions, and we would have breakout rooms in Zoom for discussion times. When it comes to the breakout sessions (which you select by registering and logging into your IF:Gathering account), we'll mute the Zoom call, watch the session independently on our own devices, and then rejoin the Zoom call when it's finished.
  • If restrictions are lifted, there will be the option to gather in homes, and potentially on-site. If in homes, it will run the same, but more people gathered together, and we would likely try to group people based on the breakout session they chose). If we're able to hold it at the church, breakout sessions will be held in various rooms. All COVID protocol will be in place. Virtual attendance is always an option.


  • We plan to condense the event as we did last year, so that instead of having it Friday night and Saturday, we will make it happen just on Saturday. The sessions are 1.5 hours (5 sessions total) and the one breakout is 45 minutes.

However we participate in this event, we know the content will be incredible, and we trust it will be meaningful and impactful for you.

If you have questions, please email


  1. Registration is done through IF:Gathering, where you will need to create an account (this is all one step). Simply CLICK HERE to register.
  2. As RightNow Media subscribers, we are able to offer this event for free. If you choose to upgrade your ticket, that's certainly available to do when you register. If you want to keep the basic ticket, there's no cost.
  3. If we are able to meet on site, we will endeavor to provide lunch if restrictions allow. This would be an additional cost that would be payable upon arrival at the event.