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Capital Project

Exterior Care

May 1st marks the start of our new fiscal year and we are launching a Capital Fund Project - Exterior Care. It is 26 years since the facility has been painted and 54 years since the Centre Block exterior wall has been updated. Refurbishment and painting are necessary to ensure we are being good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. The dry rot in the south Centre Block wall will be repaired and the design will tie in with the newer portions of the building. The entire facility will be cleaned and repainted with an elastomeric coating to enhance waterproofing. Work is expected to begin in late June and the painting in August.

It will take everyone doing their part to help us reach the $140,000 needed. Care for the Lord’s house honours him. Please consider a gift to the Capital Fund to help us cover the cost of this essential project.

You can give online by clicking the button below, or via cheque or e-transfer (please note "Capital Project" in the notes).

If you have any questions, please click here to contact Michael Dick, Executive Pastor.

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pictures of completed project:

Pictures before project began:

Exterior Care 1

Exterior Care 2

Exterior Care 3

Exterior Care 4

Exterior Care 5

Exterior Care 7