About COVID-19


Our latest post on COVID-19, from January 23, 2021

As we continue to live in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that our lives will be impacted by this virus for some time.  As the church, simply waiting for things to go back to normal would be the pathway to irrelevance.  It's time to move forward!

One of the ways in which we have traditionally journeyed together as a church family is through weekly gatherings at our church campus.  Unfortunately, the current restrictions on gathering size, on the kinds of ways we can actively participate in worship, and the kind of personal interactions that we are accustomed to as part of our on-campus worship services erodes much of what we value about being together in that kind of context.  We believe the better way forward is to decentralize our large gathering into smaller gatherings across the city where our worship of God can be more fully combined with a sense of interpersonal connection. 

We call this our "church at home" strategy.  

As one member of our congregation put it, we imagine "all these little fires being lit in our community and beyond where God’s presence is being fanned into flame to bring His light and love into our homes, neighborhoods, city, and country."  As circumstances force us out of our settled habits around church and into a new way of being God's family, we believe this is an opportunity to hear from and experience God in new ways, if only we will remain open to him during this time of change and uncertainty!

If you are a regular part of our church community, we strongly encourage you to embrace this new way of experiencing life together.  

If you are not connected to a church family, but are interested in exploring ours, please contact office@southabbotsford.com.  We'd love to hear from you and do what we can to help connect you to our "church at home" model.