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Advent 2019

Advent 2019

We know Christmas is a busy time, so we wanted to provide a short Advent Guide for you and your family, based on Parent Cue Curriculum from Orange.  This guide focuses on the theme The JOY of Christmas.  We encourage you and your family to take two to five minutes each day during advent to reflect on JOY.  You can do this at the dinner table, on the couch in front of a fire or on the drive to your Christmas program.

This is a very quick and simple way to point to Jesus.  We encourage you to use your own advent traditions with your family if you have them.  Consider this the Joy FLY-OVER in your other traditions.  Embrace the short conversation or exercise for each day, or do something else related to the verse(s) of the day.  Wishing you the joy of Christmas as you dig in with your family.


Pastors Jen, Mike and Jer


How do I engage my family with the Advent Calendar?

Quickly look at the guide for the next day.  If you like the exercise, get ready to engage with it.  Some take two minutes while others create a family experience.  Feel free to substitute, change and make it your own.  Here's a structure we find helpful:

  1. Have the leader say a Prayer of Praise to prepare hearts
  2. Read the bold print
  3. Read the Scripture
  4. Do the activity or come up with a question as a substitute to think through
  5. Popcorn prayer style: have everyone pray on the theme of the day