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About Matt

Matt Ewert

I’ve had the incredible privilege of being part of the South Abbotsford Church family for all but four years of my life, and have been honored to serve as part of the pastoral staff team since 2003. 

In my role here I get to be involved in a variety of different things including oversight of our staff team, working with council on issues of vision, direction, and strategy, and teaching occasionally in our Sunday morning gatherings. 

My incredible wife, Dawn, is also a South Abbotsford “lifer” and we have four amazing kids. 

On those occasions when I have some gaps in my schedule I enjoy fishing and the occasional round of golf.  I have a deep love for biblical history and archaeology and take great delight whenever the latest edition of the Biblical Archaeology Review shows up! 

Having been a part of South Abbotsford Church for nearly all my life, I have a deep passion to see God’s transformative work take place in and through this particular body of believers.  While I want God to be honored and glorified in every corner of the globe, my hearts cry is, “Let it happen here too, God!” 

My dream is that South Abbotsford Church, through the power of the Holy Spirit in us, be a people who are different and make a difference to the glory of God and the building of His kingdom!