Ministries City Care

Community Christmas Banquet

We are excited to be hosting our 4th annual Community Christmas Banquet on Friday, December 1st at South Abbotsford Church, for guests from MCC, the Food Bank and Salvation Army.

We anticipate welcoming 200-250 guests to our sit-down turkey dinner next month, with the hope of seeing some familiar faces and inviting in new guests as well.

This event is put on by a huge team of volunteers made up of you, the church! There are several different areas where you can be involved with on the night of the event, or even the day before. We're looking for approximately 100 volunteers, from kids to seniors and everywhere in between. It's a great event for families to serve together at, helping each other out in different service areas, such as beverage serving or bringing plated meals to our guests.

(We do encourage parents to use discretion as to whether their young child will be a help, or if the parent will have to spend the event child-minding. We see incredible value in young children and families serving together, and want to ensure participation can occur, so we would recommend a minimum age of 5). 

To sign up as a volunteer, please click the button below. If you have any questions, please email Pastor Jeremia or Kelly Ens.

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